Dog Treat Samples

Give Your Dog A Treat

Treats are just another word for love. When you give your dog a treat, it's an extension of your love and caring.

That's why all Life's Abundance dog treats are formulated with your dog's health and happiness in mind.

If you aren't sure which treats are best for your dog now you can try all FIVE.

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Sit! Stay! Reward! The Perfect Training Treats!

Specially Formulated Treats to Hold Your Dog's Attention!

Tasty Rewards Training Treats

Life's Abundance Tasty RewardsFormulated to hold your dogs attention during training sessions!

Life's Abundance has formulated a treat made especially to hold your dog's attention during training sessions.

Tasty Rewards Nutritional Training Treats for puppies and adult dogs are jerky treats made with lamb and chicken to create a savory treat that will definitely get your dog's attention.

With a chewy texture, the bite-sized strips are made to help you successfully train your dog. 

Best of all, they are perfectly-sized for carrying in a pouch, or your pocket, during training session.

Positive reinforcement has never tasted so good.

With Tasty Rewards, disciple can be delicious!

And, like all of the Life's Abundance foods, supplements and treats, you’ll find no added chemical preservatives or artificial coloring.


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More Healthy Treats!


Life's Abundance Baked Treats

Since our dogs depend solely on us for their nutritional intake, and since good nutrition is necessary for our dogs to live long and healthy lives, it is important to choose nutrient-rich treats as part of their diet.

All the baked treats provide nutrients to contribute to long-term health.  There is no reason treats can't be nutritious and tasty.

These treats are made in a bakery in small batches to ensure freshness. 

Furthermore, they contain no added chemical preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, or nutritionally empty fillers.


Gourmet Dental Treats

Life's Abundance Dental TreatsHealthy teeth and gums are an important consideration for your dog's over all health. Poor dental hygiene can result in health consequences throughout the whole body not just the mouth. A sound diet is a good foundation, but additional nutrients are needed to help support healthy teeth and bones.

This honey peanut butter recipe contains calcium for strong, healthy teeth and gums, vitamin C plus parsley for fresh breath.

Feed as a snack as a part of your dog’s daily diet. Great for rewards or just to show your dog how much you love them!


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14 oz. Container $14.60 $12.19 Buy Now
28 oz. Container $25.60 $21.37 Buy Now


Antioxidant Health Bars

Life's Abundance Health BarsPacked with premium ingredients, Antioxidant Health Bars are a fantastic way to reward your sweet pup and boost his or her health.

Fortified with vitamin E, vitamin C and beta carotene, this oatmeal and apple recipe provides a serous jolt of antioxidants to help maintain a healthy immune system.

With a flavor dogs love, this delicious snack is chock full of wholesome ingredients that dogs just can resist.


Feed as a snack as a part of your dog’s daily diet.

This product is intended as a treat or snack and not a substitute for a balanced meal. A proper diet of a complete and balanced food and regular veterinary visits are all necessary to keep your dog in good health. Always keep fresh, pure water available.


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24 oz. Container $22.61 $18.88 Buy Now

Wholesome Hearts

Life's Abundance Wholesome Hearts As soon as you smell Wholesome Hearts, you'll instantly recognize the inspiration behind these snacks -- Thanksgiving Dinner!

Wholesome Hearts are low-fat dog treats with vegetables, fruits, multigrains and high-quality proteins.  Fortified with L-Carnitine to help the body utilize fat, they're perfect for dogs that could stand to shed a few unwanted pounds.

Wholesome Hearts are gently baked, heart-shaped treats with a "just from the oven" flavor.

Formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM. “Whether your dog is experiencing a problem with weight, or if you just want to help your pup maintain a trim and healthy figure, you can’t do better than the nutrition of Wholesome Hearts.

We highly recommend Wholesome Hearts because they are healthy low-fat treats that will satisfy your dog’s desire for a tasty snack in-between meals.”


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12 oz. container $12.84 $10.72 Buy Now
24 oz. container $22.61 $18.88 Buy Now